A high-quality home starts with architectural excellence and quality materials. Since the beginning, Gold Park Homes has been committed to building homes with superior value, not just to create a strong investment, but for the promise of a home that will stand proudly for generations. Through thoughtful architecture, high-end materials, and masterful craftsmanship, every Gold Park Home is guaranteed to be structurally sound, timelessly tasteful, and simply Worth More.

In fact, we can prove it. In 2023, BILD recognized Gold Park Homes for two prestigious awards-not only is The Beaumont, a magnificent design within Pine Valley, celebrated as Best Innovative Home Design, but our striking Oakgrove model home at Pine Valley won Best Model Home for the second time! Even given years for more competitors to join the fray, Gold Park remains the reigning champion of superior quality. We couldn’t be more proud of these achievements.




2021 & 2023 BILD BEST MODEL HOME –



From the very start, Gold Park has been building homes with a deep insight that only comes from hands-on experience. Our people began on the ground as tradesmen, seeing firsthand the difference that quality makes in construction-a legacy which continues with Michael Cipriano and his active role in the homebuilding process. And of course, without a strong foundation and trustworthy craftsmanship, fancy finishes have nothing to hold onto.

And so, Gold Park has always taken the time and effort to carefully consider every facet of a new community and new home before even beginning to build. Because quality isn’t just in the high-end features you can put in a home. It starts with the location, the architecture, and the design. It’s carried throughout the foundation, the framing, and the insulation. In a Gold Park Home, the quality is in every single detail of every single home. And that’s the biggest difference of all.






The importance of location has been celebrated the world over as the biggest contributor to a thriving community. Gold Park has always hand-selected the most remarkable neighbourhoods to build in, giving our homeowners access to everything they need in order to live a well-balanced lifestyle. Vaughan, Kleinburg, Brampton, Richmond Hill, and all the coveted addresses in between – these are the places we’ve dedicated ourselves to.

But of course, community isn’t just about location. Each of our neighbourhoods is designed with the intention to encourage neighbours to engage with each other, and the world around them. This is accomplished through uniquely welcoming exteriors of genuine brick and stone with striking architectural details, creating streets that feel inviting to walk, talk, or play, as well as purpose-built spaces to come together, like parks, playgrounds, walking paths. By taking the time and effort to consider these elements of a community before even having a shovel in the ground, Gold Park is already ahead of the crowd. Our neighbourhoods foster a sense of community and identity unique to places well-loved by their residents.




Across the industry, you’ll see countless well-built homes. But what they lack is vision. Time and time again, rooms in a new home look identical, with only appliances to make the distinction of a space’s purpose. But architecture is an art that we painstakingly preserve, finding the balance between traditional styles, modern lifestyles, and subtle yet exquisite details to create elegant yet welcoming homes. Elements such as coffered or waffle ceilings, custom fireplace features, wall panelling, and colonial-style baseboards, crown moulding, and and large casement windows transform the inside of a home from four walls and a roof into a true work of art.

Even on the outside, Gold Park adds details that other builders may forget. Soaring finials and heritage-style metal roof accents. Pitched rooflines and unique bell curves. Decorative precast columns, keystones, and windowsills, with cornice and frieze detailing. Contemporary metal siding. Together, each element combines to create a rich tapestry of texture, colour, and style that simultaneously adds visual interest and presents a cohesive and complementary streetscape. Because it’s the details that make a difference.




Of course, to build a home that maintains its value for decades, using the highest quality products is non-negotiable. With such vast experience in the trades, we know exactly what it takes to construct homes that will last. High-quality lumber, superior insulation, and high-performance “I” joist flooring systems are just the beginning.

Throughout our communities, Gold Park has implemented some of the finest materials as a standard in order to ensure that each and every home meets our standards. Natural oak hardwood flooring, solid oak stair treads, and imported porcelain tile guarantee a beautiful, long-lasting floor. Quartz or granite countertops not only in the kitchen, but also in your bathrooms, creates a sense of understated luxury. Custom millwork with extended upper cabinets and matching crown moulding add an air of sophistication to your kitchen. And these are just the standard features. With upgrades available to customize every home, quality materials are a guarantee.




Behind Gold Park’s success is a wealth of personal, hands-on experience. As industry leaders, we consider it our responsibility to help shed some light on our processes, values, and priorities in the homebuilding process.

Q: Do you believe the quality of the materials impact the quality of the craftsmanship?

A: Yes, without a doubt. Inferior materials result in sub-par workmanship, since no matter the skill of the tradespeople, poor quality lumber can warp, swell, or shrink, leaving all sorts of structural problems. The same goes for finishes. Lower quality materials aren’t always square, don’t last long, and can break during the installation process, which results in more time and effort spent with less impressive results.

Q: What do you consider the most important element to have high quality materials? I.e. floors, appliances, roofing, millwork, etc.

A: Each element is equally important in their own way. A high-quality home must have a reliable structure and a well-built roof is essential, but the finishes inside are the parts you see and appreciate every day.

Q: How much variety is there for clients to choose their finishes from?

A: Gold Park offers a wide variety of finishes and styles to choose from in each community. We make sure that even our standard finishes have many options to personalize your home, with upgrades available for those seeking an even higher level of quality or a more unique style.



...thank you both tremendously for all your hard work and dedication.

Alex - Vaughan, ON.

My wife and I purchased our home in April 2016. After which it got caught up in the 6 week work strike that set us back 11 months from our original closing date. This was at no fault of “the Builder”. The delays were frustrating however “the Builder” was extremely apologetic. At times, we were worried about what was to come after reading many reviews, but we can truthfully say we love our home. Of course there are deficiencies but they will all be fixed. We knew what to expect as this is our second new build home. Not everyone or everything is perfect…especially in a new build home. Kathleen and Mike, we thank you both tremendously for all your hard work and dedication. We would highly recommend Gold Park Homes to our family and friends. They built a beautiful home with a lot of curb appeal which you don't come by very easily now a days in subdivision homes.

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Great floor plan. There was a communications issue, but Nancy took care of everything [...].

Ana - Vaughan, ON.

I purchased a home with gold parks encore community. Great floor plan. There was a communications issue, but Nancy took care of everything and I was pleased with the way the house turned out.

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Our family is very happy with our Gold Park home.

Anthony - Vaughan, ON.

Our family is very happy with our Gold Park home. We’ve had no major issues since moving in one year ago, and any minor issues raised in our 30 day warranty report have been addressed. Big thanks to Jim and Kathleen for excellent customer service, as well as to the super Mike who’s always been professional and helpful from day 1. We’ve seen an improvement on the customer service side since Justin has joined the Gold Park team.

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“Gold Park Homes ahas built a real dream home for me and my family as expected.”

Chirag & Jalpa P. -

“Me and my family have had a great experience with Gold Park Homes Encore from the day we chose our lot until the day we moved in. Our PDI was a pleasant experience and the Gold Park rep was a great help. Customer service gives prompt response upon calling them even for minor or major work. There were a few minor touch ups needed and they were taken care of in time. Gold Park Homes has built a real dream home for me and my family as expected. Gold Park Homes is really worth more! Thanks Gold Park Homes!”

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...we are very happy with the home we purchased.

Daniel - Angus, ON.

This was my wife's and I first home purchase. we purchased the home in late 2015 and were very happy with the price of the home. We were caught in the trades strike and got delayed for a few months but that wasn't really the builders fault. we did have a few cosmetic issues with the home when we took possession but everything was noted on Tarion and was repaired in a timely fashion. No issues like anyone is stating with water damage or leaking pipes. Also the service men that came to do the repairs were very friendly and flexible on what dates and times they would be able to show up. To sum it all up we had an excellent experience buying our first home and we are very happy with the home we purchased. I would recommend this builder to other people.

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They take care of each home as if it were their own...

Diana - Vaughan, ON.

You should ONLY purchase a GOLD PARK HOME! Over the years my family and I have dealt with plenty of different builders/ trades/ supervisors/ customer service reps, you name it, I’ve seen it! And not once have I gone back to the same builder until now! This is my second gold park home and their work just gets better and better over the years! This time they’ve been nothing short of outstanding in every aspects of their work. I’ve never had to deal with any major issues and anything minor was handled very quickly, efficiently and with great care. Everyone from the office to the job site is extremely pleasant and helpful! You can actually see how much they truly care about their job. Even just a wave when driving by in the morning speaks volumes about this team. But out of everyone within goldpark I would have to say Kathleen and Mike have been the most helpful! They’re very honest, knowledgeable, punctual, professional and friendly which are traits that you don’t come across very easily now a days, its refreshing to see there are still good and honest people out there! They take care of each home as if it were their own and that’s exactly why everything runs so smoothly. So thank you Gold Park for building me yet another beautiful home! Maybe one day we can make it #3 ;)

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When it comes to quality of the product I was very happy.

Frank - Vaughan, ON.

Searching for a bigger family home I came across the Pine Valley development and our family decided to purchase. Goldpark has always been very high on my list of builders when it comes to building a quality product. Being in the industry myself I have seen a lot of fly by night builders who promised the world and don't deliver. When it comes to quality of the product I was very happy. I even referred (7) Seven of my clients and friends who ended up purchasing in the project. Delia, Yolande, Mike, Michael, and Kathleen are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Some aspects of the company do need some improvement much like any company, but the construction, and service side of things are fantastic as always and would definitely do the same by referring all my client's over and over again.

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... I must say I have the most amazing home ever.

Helen - Brampton, ON.

We moved into our home a little over a month ago now and I cannot fault the builders as they are excellent. The client relations team are fabulous and dealt with any issues we had promptly, nothing is too much trouble for them. It's actually quite a relief! We've had a few things that required fixing and these were done really quickly and their foremen is a very pleasant and friendly man. This is my first new home having moved from a pre-owned home. The quality and lay out of my home is very modern and beautiful. They took into consideration our needs when doing the finishing and I must say I have the most amazing home ever. If you are looking for a builder who is capable of meeting your requirement for your dream home, GoldPark Homes is the way to go. Their contractors pay very close attention to details and their finishing is excellent. I rate them a five star.

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...we are extremely happy with the service.

Jennifer - Angus, ON.

I have recently moved into my Gold Park home in Angus and we are extremely happy with the service. There were a few non-major issues when we initially moved in (as we have experienced with our previous builder), however the customer service rep was quick to resolve our issues and made us feel very important. Thank you for everything Gold Park! it has been a great journey and we are so happy to grow and build as many memories as possible in our new home.

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I was very impressed with the list of standard features included...

Joey - Vaughan, ON.

We purchased our new home in 2015 when Phase 1 of Kleinburg Glen first opened. The entire process from sale right through to completion went very well. There were some delays on closing dates, but it wasn't a problem and it actually worked in our favour from a "selling our previous home" perspective. I was very impressed with the list of standard features included, many of which would never be offered as "standard" by other builders. Everyone we dealt with whether it be sales, decor centre, the site super or after closing service has been very courteous and professional. It is a new home, so there are always some follow up work and touch ups required, Mike, Kathleen, Carlo & Joe (from Goldpark) we're all very attentive, timely and helpful. They have honoured all their promises and I would gladly purchase from Goldpark again and recommend them to others. The homes look great, our guests are all impressed and they have the greatest curb appeal on our street (other builders also in our area). Our home has appreciated considerably and that's not just coincidence.

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I completely fell in love with the concept!

Kevin - Brampton, ON

In January of 2016, we found out we were pregnant with our 3rd baby. Living in a 2-bedroom home was getting cramped and it was only going to get smaller with the new addition. It was a snowy February day and I ventured out alone, to the GoldPark sales center on Bovaird, to inquire about a new house. There I met Janice and Ashleigh and they were so delightful I spilled the news of the new baby. She showed me the types of homes that were being offered, and suggested the 3-story concept, the 5-bedroom Corelli model. I completely fell in love with the concept. I could see the Ground Floor as our 3 kids’ play room, and then as their recreation room as they grew. Immediately I went home to discuss it with my spouse, and the next day we went a purchased our ‘forever’ home. The process was seamless, our structural and décor appointment was inviting and helpful. As we waited for our home to close, we frequently visited the Sales Office and was always greeted with pleasantries and updates. GoldPark’s aftercare staff and team continue to be helpful, kind, and deliver their service with a smile. We both think that purchasing this 5-bedroom, 3-floor home from GoldPark was the best decision we could have made for our family, especially because it continued to grow with baby number 4.

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The site office was always there to help and make sure our needs were meet.

Lisa - Vaughan, ON.

First time purchased from gold park homes and very happy and satisfied with their service from the minute of signing to the final stage of closing. They offered a lot more than what other builders offered and their exterior finishes are stunning. The site office was always there to help and make sure our needs were meet.

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...I am extremely satisfied with construction of the home...

Livia - Toronto, ON.

Purchased my Goldpark home for the first time I am extremely satisfied with construction of the home both and the layout is fabulous. Great selection of upgrade packages. The supervisors on site are very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this Goldpark Homes to my friends and family.

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Very kind employee's and site supers...

Mike - Vaughan, ON.

Purchased a home in Kleinburg with GoldPark Homes. Very accommodating in helping us with any questions or concerns we had. Very kind employee's and site supers for our Kleinburg location.

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Natasha - Kleinburg, ON.

I just wanted to thank and recognize all those who helped get the leak in my house fixed. Kathleen, as always, you were so helpful and accommodating with regards to scheduling and ensuring everything got fixed in a timely manner. No matter what time of day it is or how many times I called you, you were always so pleasant to talk to and so willing to help. Mike, I really appreciate you coming by and helping find and solve the problem. I know you have a lot of other projects on the go, but your commitment in making sure that everything was resolved as soon as possible certainly did not go unnoticed. Tony, you were at my house the day after I noticed the leak (2 days before Christmas) and you came back as promised to find and fix the leak - thank you so very much. You were not only knowledgeable, you provided me with the peace of mind that whatever the problem is, it will be fixed. Joe, I can't say enough about you. You were at my house for several days straight, your dedication is second to none. You took your time to make sure that everything was done right and your workmanship is a true reflection of the pride you take in your job. You called me everyday to update me on your progress and yesterday when I got home, not only were my walls and ceilings patched, sanded and painted, you took the time to vacuum your work area and move all of my furniture back to the way it was. To all those who were involved, but I didn't get to meet ... THANK YOU - YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!

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...the people on site has always been positive.

Rob - Kleinburg, ON.

We purchased our new home from Gold Park and overall we are really satisfied. We did have a list of issues on our 30 day but nothing major and mostly cosmetic. Any concerns we had were dealt with in a timely manner and dealing with the people on site has always been positive.

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We are really happy with our Gold Park Home!

Roopi - Vaughan, ON.

We are really happy with our Gold Park Home! The quality of the home is amazing and the team really takes the time to ensure every mistake is corrected. They have been easy to work (Delia, Kathleen, Mike!!) with and very helpful with all aspects since our purchase!

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...everything was so easy!!

Sadfar - Vaughan, ON.

From walking the model home to starting the building process to closing and moving in, everything was so easy!! I received emails with status updates and the construction and service managers met me to walk the home multiple times. They were very thorough and explained what was happening every step of the way. The whole process was easy to communicate and Service Staff (especially Delia) tried their up most best to make things 100 percent right , very helpful and honest.

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They truly know how to build a quality home.

Tina - Woodbridge, ON.

Thank you for allowing my new home purchase to go smoothly. This is my third Gold Park Home. They truly know how to build a quality home. They have been very accommodating and responsive to completing my outstanding deficiencies. A big thank you to Kathleen in Construction and Yolande in Décor! I would recommend Gold Park to any prospective new homebuyer.

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“…you have shown again and again how much you care!”

Yaz & Abdus N. - | Brampton Encore Homeowner

“Thank you very much Stacey! I thought all builders were the same but you and Janice Winn have proved that Gold Park Homes is a builder with a heart! Stacey you have proved to be a real gem of a person when you worked with me all the way through! You always promptly responded to my queries and concerns and you have shown again and again how much you care! You made us renew our faith in Gold Park by going to great length to liaise with your site manager and solved our issues. My family and I can’t thank you enough for successfully getting the amendment for us. You are the angel of good news! I would definitely recommend Gold Park to my family and friends as they will be in good hands and will be taken care of.“

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I had a great experience...

Zia - Vaughan, ON.

I had a great experience with Gold Park Homes. Special thanks to Mike, Tony, Kathleen, Adam and Justin.

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